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I TRUST THE NOISE is a sensory exploration of permanence.

From the chaos, order emerges.

From the noise, trust emerges.

Enjoy the beauty of the noise, both in visual and audio form.


While all ITTN (I TRUST THE NOISE) pieces are original pieces, the code to generate them is a meticulously modified version of the code borrowed from the IN NOISE WE TRUST collection on Ethereum. We honor INWT both here on this website and in the title of each ITTN piece within the chain.

INWT is the main technical achievement that inspired ITTN

What is unique about

I TRUST THE NOISE is probably the first audiovisual inscription collection

(Genesis pieces' inscription numbers are all under 60k)


People usually refer to video file formats such as MP4 or MOV when they talk about audiovisual art. Unfortunately, these file types are notoriously large and are not suitable for inscriptions. I TRUST THE NOISE utilizes HTML which is a far more optimized file type and allows for storing audiovisual pieces on-chain.

To make sure everything is FULLY on-chain, no external sound libraries like tone.js or visual libraries like p5.js are used. Everything is "vanilla JS" meaning there are no external off-chain libraries.

Inscriptions' strong permanence score may also make ITTN (I TRUST THE NOISE)
 the most permanent audiovisual art on blockchains, for the moment it's launched.

data quality.jpeg

The other unique feature of ITTN is its metadata. Unlike Ethereum NFTs, most inscriptions lack metadata. They are usually inscribed over ordinals as simple images. ITTN also stores its metadata for each piece (the name of the piece, description, and the artist name) within the file itself.

ITTN is probably the first inscription collection with metadata
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