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Chaos Roads


Chaos Roads is a fully onchain, EVM-generated, runtime crypto-art collection.


Each piece comes with an interactive painting, a music piece, and a poem. All these art forms are dynamically changing in the runtime, within the blockchain, using Ethereum as an always-on computer.


Chaos Roads aims to explore the relationship between entropy (disorder) and conscious observation (order), and how collectors treat the disorder in art. The collectors will see and hear their pieces becoming more chaotic over time, but they have the option to move the entropy lower and temporarily prevent chaos.

Chaos Roads contracts include direct calls to entropy. By controlling the chaos in this collection, owners can dynamically control other art collections built within the same on-chain universe through interoperability.


Another feature of the collection is its mint site: Chaos Roads mint site was the first fully onchain NFT mint site, as well as the first fully onchain website to interact with the blockchain (read + write).

Fully Onchain

Art and metadata of all Chaos Roads pieces are stored on Ethereum, with zero external dependencies. Even the rendering is served from the chain.


No centralized servers, no IPFS, and no Arweave.

Only Ethereum.

All Chaos Roads pieces are immutably stored fully onchain
EVM generation means trustless, transparent, open source and verifiable

EVM Generated

400 Chaos Roads visuals were generated at mint by the Ethereum Virtual Machine using only Solidity from 25 decillions (25 x 10^34) possibilities, ensuring a trustless, open-source, fully decentralized and gas-efficient in-chain experience.

No data or code uploads afterwards.

Dynamic, evolving, runtime

The 2nd law of thermodynamics states that “as one goes forward in time, the net entropy (degree of disorder) of any isolated or closed system will always increase (or at least stay the same).”

Chaos Roads utilizes Ethereum's always-on distributed computer to automatically reconstruct the art, changing every week, every day, every hour, and every block.

All of that happens fully inside the blockchain. No servers, no oracles, no external dependencies.

Chaos Roads dynamically evolve within the chain
Entropy programmability
Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 10.23.51.png

Programmable, customizable

Quantum Theory states that conscious observation affects reality.

Chaos Roads collectors can choose to stay passive and let the chaos take over the art they own, or can "observe" their art and travel it back in time to lower entropy.



Music in Chaos Roads was built using music theory. Notes were designed to follow each other in a sensible way to create actual melodies and evoke emotions.


400 melodies were generated by Ethereum Virtual Machine at mint from 100 million possible melodies. This is the first time EVM constructed musical melodies.

While the melody remains the same, oscillator instruments (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth) change every block. Also at every block, notes are slightly detuned on a scale of 1 to 10.

Further, every week, new oscillators are automatically added to the music to create more chaos. At higher entropies, the impact of the chaos becomes extremely severe, but the owner of the piece can "observe" their NFT and move its entropy backwards.

ALL of this -the generation, the storage, the automatic dynamism, and the customizability of the music- happen within the chain with no external dependencies.

Bringing dynamism and programmability to music within the chain has been a unique challenge. This achievement enhances the entropy's effect on art.



Chaos Roads poems change at every Ethereum block

Every Chaos Road comes with a fully onchain poem.

Ethereum Virtual Machine generated 400 poems at mint from 80,920 possible poems per entropy, ~30 million possible poems in total.


Every NFT cycles through 119 distinct poems per day.

This is made possible by bringing dynamism and programmability to poems within the chain.

Fully onchain mint site

With Chaos Roads, we took the censorship resistance further with the help of Linagee Name Registrar developers and created a fully onchain NFT mint site. The website allowed a fully onchain read+write functionality, becoming the first website that allowed its visitors to interact with the blockchain, within the blockchain.

Chaos Roads #3 was the first minted NFT using a fully onchain mint experience.

Chaos Roads mint site was fully onchain. A first.

Chaos Roads is sold out.

For the secondary market, you can visit here.

Chaos Roads smart contract produces a massive variety of outputs
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